Date: 7/11/2010

This was only a one-day trip, peddling about 10 km along the river Rur. We arrived at the village of Monschau which is located in Nationalpark Eifel (in Germany). The advanced kayakers started in the river Perlbach which falls into the Rur and then flows through the village of Monschau. This was a tricky and technical section and the reason for it was the lack of rainfalls. The water level was really low and that is why advanced skills were necessary in order to cover this part of the route. So two of us (Irene and Michael) started a bit downstream and joined others after the village.

Part of the training for the new guys included entering and exiting eddy maneuvers and traversing the stream in several different ways practicing. Overall difficulty of rapids was not too high since water level was not high either. One of the funniest places was rapid with the turn and the stream directed at a small rock.

Previously, traditional German entertainment – the duck race took place here. And one of the challenges of the trip was to gather as many ducks as possible. They were various sizes and stuck in different locations along the banks of the river. We even met some of the locals who kindly asked us to deliver some ducks to them in order to be able to reuse toys in the next year’s duck race. By the end of the trip we had a rather big pile of these “race” ducks.

The trip ended at the Hammerfalls where we disembarked, took some pictures with ducks, packed our stuff and headed back to Eindhoven. On our way we stopped at one of the cafes to have dinner.