Trip reports & River info

Do you want to organise an activity?

If you want to organise an activity, we won't let you drown in things to arrange. we have a script to help you, at the bottom of the page. Or we can put you up with an experienced member to organise something together. You can also check out the tips from Okawanda about organising a trip.

Trip administration

After chosing a river, getting people to come, and arranging cars to bring the participants and boats to the river, there are two things left to do. First enjoy the trip you organised and second fill in the declaration form (this can also be used for other activities). This form is used to make sure everybody pays for the costs they made and get back the mony for the things participants payed for other people. After you filled in your form you can mail it to the board or you can hand a printed form to the treasurer.

Boating regulations

Read the boating regulations before going on a trip