Okawa is the Student Canoe Association of Eindhovense. We canoe throughout the year on different rivers and waters in Europe (and if possible outside of europe). Our main focus is on whitewater and freestyle kayaking. And we also like to have all sorts of non kayak activities like: parties, barbecues and movie nights.

E.S.K.V. Okawa was founded in October of 1982. And made a restart after a short hibernation from '97 to '01. After which all activities commenced with a newfound joy.

Weekly training

During the weekly training in the pool of the Student Sportscenter a lot of attention is payed to the techniques and skills required for trips outside. And sometimes the training is closed with a fun game of canoe-polo. The training is provided by Polo van Ooij. You can find us every Monday (20:30 til 22:00 o'clock) and Friday (19:00 til 20:30 o'clock) in the pool of the Student Sportscenter.

If you want to join us for a training you can send an email to us, Okawa. All you need is swimwear and a towel!!

kayak trips

During the Weekends we like to visit nice rivers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for some nice whitewater. Within a drive of 1 to 2 hours there are already some nice rivers. Or we go the the sea to kayak in the surf.

On trip days we leave in the morning from the sportscenter and finish the day with a meal together.

To see all the trips also see the agenda

And a couple of times a year we have camps where we got to a cool kayak spot for a longer period of time. For instance the summer camp, Arden weekend and spring camp. These camps also provide the possibility to go a little further from home.

more information on the rivers we like to kayak can be found in rivers.

Introduction Course

Twice a year Okawa organises an introductory course. The course consists of four training sessions to teach you the basics and a weekend on white water to bring these into practice. To take place in this course you don't have to be a member (yet).

If you want to get more information on the course? Or if you want to know when the next course starts? Please send an email to the board.


Contribution: €39,- per year

Sportcard of the SSC: see website SSCE

Use of club materials: free during the first year

Trip: cost differ per trip, e.g. a weekend to Germany costs ± €50,-.

External activities

Are you looking for an original activity to do with your association, fraternity or team? Then you are at E.S.K.V. Okawa has come to the right place for a fun team building activity. We can organize different activities for you: A canoe polo competition in the swimming pool, a trip on the Dommel or kayak-games.

These three activities guarantee a fun afternoon (or any other part of the day), may it be on the water or around the water.

It is possible to combine and adapt these activities to your own wishes, depending on the group size.