External activities

Are you looking for an original activity to do with your association, fraternity or team? Then you are at E.S.K.V. Okawa at the right place for a fun team-building activity. We can organize different activities for you: A canoe polo competition in the swimming pool, a trip on the Dommel or kayak games. These three activities guarantee a fun afternoon (or any other part of the day), may it be on the water or around the water. It is possible to combine and adapt these activities to your own wishes,  depending on the group size.

If you are interested or want some more information, feel free to mail us at: bestuur@okawa.eu 

Canoe polo

Canoe polo is a combination of water polo and rugby, but in a canoe. Canoe polo is played in teams of 5 people. During a match, there are 4 people in the water and 1 reserve on the side. The reserve may enter the water if a teammate comes out of the water to change or if someone has fallen over. 

A game lasts an average of 10 minutes. Depending on your wishes, We can draw up a matching schedule based on the number of teams and the time. The great advantage of a canoe polo activity is that it is not dependent on the weather and temperature as it is organized in the swimming pool of the SSCE. However, the availability of the swimming pool must be taken into account.

Dommel trip

It is possible to make a trip on the Dommel accompanied by members of Okawa.
The most common is a trip of about 1.5 hours paddling (length is adjustable to your wishes).
Such a trip consists of about half an hour downstream for more of a challenge and an hour back upstream to end with. We have the capacity for about 15 participants. More is possible after consultation. 

In addition, it is also possible to only go downstream and then return to the university with a car with a trailer and public transport (extra costs apply here). If the group is larger than 15 participants, it is possible to split up the group where one subgroup plays canoe games while the other subgroup makes a trip on the Dommel. 

Canoe games

In addition, we have the possibility to organize games in the afternoon on the Dommel. This one will consist of a combination of games such as relay over water, ball games and team-building activities. Usually, we will organize the game which best suits the group and the weather. Hereby we will take your preference into account. Suggestions of other games are always welcome.
This activity can also be combined with a short Dommel trip. If we have more participants than boats, there is the ability to split the group into a game group and Dommel trip group that switches halfway through. As a result, the maximum number of participants is about 24.