Here you can find more information on the current board of Okawa and their predecessors. The board consists of fourpeople: chairman,  secretary, treasurer &  vice-chairman.



This administration was inaugurated on November the 15st, during the 33th GMM in Eindhoven.


Chairman – Hugo Huibers

This year Hugo will take over as chairman, after several years away from the board it is now time for him to get everything back on track. If you don't know Hugo yet, you can always meet him at the naborrel of a training, because all this man thinks about is beer and sociability, and a bit of kayaking of course. Furthermore, Hugo knows a lot about equipment and boat repairs, so he will always be willing to help you if you run into any problems.

Secretary – Rian Driedijk

You may already know Rian from the Friday tea hour (busily training for the other half hour), if not, you will get to know her in due time. After her year of playing with cells at iGEM, she is now all set to teach the world of kayaking a little biology but most of all, sociability. Tea is very handy not only in the pool but also definitely when writing minutes. An enthusiastic kayaker, she really likes to get down to business and you will also get to know her as Okawa's secretary this year.

Treasurer – Jochem Vissers

Jochem, a man of many talents. Kayaking, in the meantime, is also slowly making its way onto this list. With his loose hips and quick arm movements, Jochem seems to float across the water. Outside of kayaking, this man is also already going for his second board year. After being able to depend on him for one year as secretary, we are convinced that next year is going to be another success! This time as Penno. Hopefully the transcripts will come out as smoothly as all the reminders, emails & minutes from last year.

Vice-chairman & External Affairs – Mervyn Franssen

Although you might not say it, but Mervyn has only been with Okawa for 3 years. Last year he was chairman and the year before that he was active in various committees. Above all, he likes to actively join trips, and whenever he has even a little bit of free time, leaves for holibu (or beyond) with some Okawans. This year, with renewed enthusiasm, he is starting a second year of the board, this time as vice president. He will also be throwing himself back into external relations.

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