Here you can find more information on the current board of Okawa and their predecessors. The board consists of five people: chairman,  secretary, treasurer, vice-chairman & Commissaris opleiding.



This administration was inaugurated on October the 19st, during the 31st GMM in Eindhoven.


Chairman and External Affairs – Mervyn Franssen

As a fairly new member of okawa, he already has a lot of connections with the other members, and knows how to get things done. Mervyn is a spontaneous guy who quickly started organizing trips and paddling as much as possible, whenever the opportunity arises. With a lot of experience in boards and leadership positions, it is clear that he knows how to get things done. Even though his role is sometimes not as steady as many okawa chairmen before him had. He will be joining the Okawa board this year as chairman and external affairs commissioner.

Secretary –Jochem Vissers

Just over a month ago, Jochem was still the newest member of Okawa. It only took one car trip to summer camp to convince him to join the board. On the Durance he immediately showed what he was made of by calmly paddling along with the rest. He liked it so much that he even temporarily decided that he wanted to stay there on an island. Fortunately, he did not do so and now joins the board as secretary.

Treasurer – Mick van de Wouw

After one year on the board Mick was not finished yet, he wanted to experience what it is like to have a normal year without only having meetings at home. He was present at every training session to show his skills in the pool, and he will probably continue this in his new role. He was no longer interested in being Vice-Chairman, so Mick will take a chance with Okawa's financials as treasurer. 

Vice-chairman – Daniel Velzeboer

It is general knowledge that there are few normal people paddling around at Okawa, because who would be so crazy/insane as to throw themselves off a river in a 'small' plastic boat. Yet recently there is one less paddling around, it took a while, but Daniel couldn't escape it either. At Mervyn's insistence, Daniel also succumbed to a board year within Okawa. With knowledge about material and Okawa affairs, Daniel will try to transfer this knowledge to the rest of Okawa in a good and convenient way. 

Training Commisioner - Rick van den Berg 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? To some extent, but also not. It's Airplane Rick that you see on the board. Like Daniel, Rick also doesn't get out of a board year, although Rick stepped into it a little more voluntarily. On the water, Rick knows little fear and paddling often goes without significant effort. Off the water, things are sometimes a little trickier; for example, Rick sometimes has trouble getting out of his boat (the right way), and has trouble with knives and planes. Coming year Rick will be looking for the right training/course for Okawa, this he will do together with his board title "Training Commissioner".

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