Here you can find more information on the current board of Okawa and their predecessors. The board consists of four people: chairman,  secretary, treasurer & vice-chairman.



This administration was inaugurated on October the 21st, during the 29th GMM in Eindhoven.


Chairman –Chiel Ton

Everybody knows Chiel, he has been a member for ages and will probably be a member for an ever longer time.  Because of this he will  be the oldest board member by a long shot.

Not all his kayaking days were successful, a prime example was the day he went kayaking without paddling any features.

Outside of kayaking he will be more than happy to play boardgames while talking about whisky.

There are not a lot of instances where Chiel does not have the knowledge or experience to know how to handle the situation. On top of this, Chiel is eager to help the less experienced with basically anything while being really good at keeping all the crazy ideas in check which come up.

Secretary – Suzan van de Meerakker

We all thought we knew that anyone who practices slalom on a regular basis is not to be trusted, but with another one stepping up as a board member we may have to adjust that judgement.

Suzan has been proudly practicing three disciplines of kayaking for years now. Last year she had a look at the organization of Okawa through the intro committee and this year she will be keeping an eye on the association as our secretary.

During our meetings as candidate board we have grown confident that Suzan can handle and keep track of anything that may be thrown at her, whether it is whisky poured by Chiel, wild new ideas sprouted by Mick or the fine details of a contract put together by Thomas.

Treasurer – Thomas Klokgieters

Thomas has been very busy since he joined Okawa in 2019, last year he started as treasurer for Okawa and Thomas liked this so much that he has decided to continue for another year, because he still has many things he wants to improve. 

He has worked many afternoons on improving the bookkeeping , but those hours have not yet all paid off. 

During this summer, Thomas has found out that mountain biking can be very dangerous, but luckily, he can kayak again, because kayaking is of course much more fun! 

He also did some slalom canoeing, but in a slalom race in 2014  Suzan was faster than Thomas, maybe that was the reason why Thomas stopped doing slalom ;) 

Vice-chairman –Mick van de Wouw

We all thought this year we would have more experienced board members. Luckily Mick is already a member, since last intro (2019) and has been to every trip since then. Though still some people falsely believe he is the youngest board member this year.

He also works at the “bouwmaat” so a new white water parkours on the Dommel should be build in no time with his help.

Last year he was in the intro committee and now he has the most creative ideas during our board meetings. Which we greatly appreciate.

Now let’s hope he will not learn to white water kayak as he did cycling, because apparently that went very peculiar…

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