Here you can find more information on the current board of Okawa and their predecessors. The board currently consists of five people: chairman,  secretary, treasurer, vice-chairman and external affairs.



This administration was inaugurated on November the 20th, during the 26th GMM in Eindhoven.


Chairman –Bas Schouenberg

When Bas came to Okawa he already was an experienced canoer, he even guided a group during his first intro, and if you want to know what else happened during that intro you’ll have to ask him. Besides being board at Okawa Bas is also working hard on his master Building Physics and Services, furthermore he has his own company he is running. All in all he is a busy guy, but he still thought he had some spare time for a boardyear at Okawa where he follows in the footsteps of his girlfriend as chairman of the association. Bas has proven himself on the water for instance last sumercamp he has paddled the Lower Guisane as one of the few, he also was there when various of our members had their first encounter with white water. When it comes to being a board Bas has already proven his worth with multiple years of board experience with the scouts and within Okawa he has arranged the Okawear last year with his better half, this did not all went according to plan but it ended up fine, let’s hope this board year goes smoother. 

Secretary – Randor Bongers 

Randor is an 4th years Industrial engineering student who is quite active at the study association Industria. But he is even more active within ESKV Okawa. This is his third year in the board, and he is the person who will communicate mostly with all members due to his function as secretary. Before this new function of Randor he was commissionaire events and vise chairmen. He has quite some experience with kayaking because before he became a member of Okawa he was member of the Canoe association of Oss. And Although Randor is a citizen of Oss he does NOT carry a weapon. I have known Randor now just one year and have enjoyed his appearance at almost all Okawa’s activities. Which really shows how much he cares about the bonding with the members and other student sport associations in Eindhoven. Nowadays Randor can help us with our transportation problem due to his bus driving license we can rent a bus and transport all of our people with it. So if you see Randor riding your bus in Eindhoven and surroundings do not hesitate to have a conversation with our beloved secretary. P.s. It is illegal to talk to the driver while driving so pay attention when you start a conversation.  

Treasurer – Ron de Crom

 AKA ½Rosa

After a year being a treasurer he still did not become depressed of all numbers, luckily for us. His second (Elisa) half also managed to be a board member for another year. Luckily for him or else he would have to buy his own bag for all his gear. After purchasing his whole set (with only 3 spray skirts) his desire to have everything himself is to big which makes hem looking for a creeker. Always present at the trips to use his gear and at the non- kayak activities to drink ice the green. Ron is extremely enthusiastic about the club with awesome ideas which, he sometimes can be to stubborn to let go which can drive his nuts. He is always searching for new challenges may it be on the water or outside of the water. This all together makes him an active member of the board who, hopefully doesn’t lose his head this year and experience a lot of joy. 

Vice-chairman – Hugo Huibers

Hugo is a new board member and not yet a year member in the Okawa association. He is studying at Industrial Design. He is a nice and cozy person. You will find him by almost every drink at the Study association, Lucid, and club activities. In his first lesson at an Okawa training, after a few attempts, he could roll with his boat. That was a nice surprise and good motivation. He was immediately sold and came to the club. After a few months, he bought his own boat and kayak gear. Hugo has now added a beautiful boat to Okawa. This year he takes over Randor’s job, an active member at Okawa and at other Sports Associations. He is now the Vice-president at Okawa. In other words, ‘’Vieze’’. All in all, Hugo is a nice person and has a good chat about everything. Here is Hugo Huibers!

External effairs – Elisa van de Schoot

AKA ½ Rosa

This is Elisa’s second year as a board member, however this time not as a secretary but this year she will fulfill a new board function. As a commissionaire of external relations, she will be the one to go to for all your kayak related questions. If you want to organize a kayak activity for your association or just want her phone number, this is your change. But don’t get fooled by her pretty face because behind that face is a girl that somehow always ends up with a whip in her hands so be careful. 

Last year she proved herself as a board member, sometimes a little bit quiet but most of the times super enthusiastic when she can design new things for Okawa and let her creativity loose.

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