Here you can find more information on the current board of Okawa and their predecessors. The board consists of five people: Chairwoman,  Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-chair & External Affairs & Activities.



This administration was inaugurated on October the 25th, during the 35th GMM in Eindhoven.


Chairwoman – Rian Driedijk

After being busy writing minutes for the past year Rian decided that she wanted to lead meetings instead or record them. Making sure meetings start well prepared and on time is going to be her duty this year as chairman of Okawa. But that doesn't mean that she won't join the weekly Friday tea hours anymore, keeping up with how everyone in the association is doing is also an important role of the chairman After all. Next to all the important stuff Rian is also an enthusiastic Kayaker who is always eager to learn new things and try stuff out.

Secretary – Albert Mosegaard

Albert, the friendly guy from Denmark. He decided the Netherlands would be fun so he started his study architecture in the Netherlands. He is 2rd student already, and starting some new challenges. Okawa board together with honors this year quite a challenge!

Eventhough he is only a year a member yet, he and Lynn who he joined Okawa with and the vice chair of the 37th board are very much loved by Okawa (and vice versa). Paddling is going great for albert, learning some new tricks and being able to paddle some cool rivers on his first summercamp last year!

Treasurer – Jochem Vissers

Jochem, what an old and experienced board companion! Already busy with his masters and now taking on an internship in Norway. Such a great and educative life-experience, or is he just ditching his board to go on holidays? It’ll definitely be a great fun experience, but knowing the hard-working organized person he is, his treasurer tasks will once again be fulfilled, to the same standard as in his last successful board year. Once again, being Okawa’s treasurer for the second year shows his grave passion for all those wonderful Excel sheets; I guess it’s just become a hobby of his ;). But Jochem is also an insanely talented paddler, already joining the most advanced trips with less than 3 years of membership, and every other possible trip! Unfortunately he won’t be in the pool with us the coming time, but he will keep practicing those skills in Norway, so his kayaking passion is apparent! Being a great fit to the association, a fun an talented member, he will be a very valuable for the board, even from the other side of Europe!

Vice-chair – Lynn Schuurman

Lynn, One might call her the clumsiest person on earth. Turns out even as a second year student doing a double bachelor’s in Applied Maths and Physics and Honors, she was still not taught to look out for curbs or not to do sports while wearing a cast. While Lynn might not get the slightest bit of sarcasm, she brings an energy to trainings and trips that is unmatched. Lynn is joining the 37th Okawa board in her second year already as Vice Chair. She will no doubt have a challenging year, but if anyone can do it, it is her. The amount of progress she has made paddling for just one year is impressive, and the determination it takes to step into a boat while still in a cast shows how much Lynn loves Okawa. 

External Affairs & Activities Remko Koelwijn

Remko, or Remco, the correct spelling of this talented man is still unknown to some members. Hopefully, this will become clear for everyone after this year, once Remko has proven himself to be worthy of a 'k' instead of a 'c'. Remko has always been eager to become the best, therefore, he also wanted to achieve a new record within Okawa by becoming the board member with the longest name ever: Commissioner of External Affairs and Activities. He is active in various associations related to outdoor sports, so he is a great fit in our kayaking association! With enthusiasm, he joins this board. As his title describes, he will ensure that many internal and external activities are held.

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