Becoming a member

Have you always wanted to start kayaking, but never had the chance to? Or have you been canoeing for years and are you looking for a fun student association in Eindhoven? Check out E.S.K.V. Okawa!

Before becoming a member you can check out Okawa four times to see if canoeing is something you like. We have training on Monday (21:30-23:00) and Friday (18:30-20:00) in the indoor pool of the SSC. Every other week training will be given by René Boom. René was dutch champion freestyle, coach of the dutch national freestyle team and he is teacher at the Fontys sport academy. Therefore the level of the training is quiet good. The other weeks, on Mondays there will be a training session by one of our own members. And on Fridays there is space to practice on your own or with the help of others. You only need swimwear and a towel for the training in the swimming pool!

Introduction Course

Twice a year Okawa organises an introductory course. The course consists of four training sessions to teach you the basics and a weekend on white water to bring these into practice. To take place in this course you don't have to be a member (yet).

If you want to get more information on the course? Or if you want to know when the next course starts? Please send an email to the board.


Contribution: €39,- per year

Sportcard of the SSC: zie website SSC

Use of club materials: free

Trip: cost differ per trip, e.g. a weekend to Germany costs ± €45,-.